Jesus... You're the Best! Volume 1

Jesus... You're the Best!
Volume 1

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Here are the songs that appear on "Jesus.. You're the Best!" Vol. 1
You can read the words as well as listen to the songs that haveMP3next to them.


Let's Praise Jesus with Song & Dance!

Monkey in Tree

This album is suitable for children ages 3 to 9 years old

1. What i want to do MP3 10. Run and Jump
2. Apple Tree MP3 11.  Heel and Toe
3. Jesus... You're the Best MP3 12. Eek, I'm Weak
4.   On Every Blade of Grass 13. Walking through the Streets with Jesus MP3
5.   Rainy Day Song 14. I wanna be a Sheep
6.   Lamb with a Lion's heart 15. God's Love
7.   Bubble and Pop 16. Your wonderful Creation
8.   Living Sacrifice 17. Widdly, Waddly, Whoa
9.   All Around the World Clap your Hands MP3

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